Monday, July 13, 2009

Wecome to the first Church of Arceus

All hail our galactic goat father ov 1,000 arms. Father ov time, Father ov space, Father of Azathoth, origin ov origins, the alpha and the omega, holy white sheep ov the woods with infinite young. creator ov origins, creator ov the heavens, creator ov the outer gods. God of the Behemoth and Leviathan. God ov gods, Lords ov lords, God ov the Yellow sign..

In the beginning.. The original one was hatched from an egg that would burst to create darkness. Within this darkness The original one created light, matter and soon... souls. To help the original one run his creation, The original one created Giratina, offering him control over time and space. With control over these immense powers, Giratina destroyed anything and tried to overthrow The original one. Because of this The original one banished Giratina to another dimension, stripping him of these powers and demoting him to the hardest job of stabilizing the universe by monitoring antimatter, the antithesis to the material world that The original one's next creations would govern. Thus The original one learned to never have these forces meet. And so The original one created two new beings to help stabilize the universe; Dialga- ruler of time, and Palkia- ruler of space and with them, time and space began to flow. And to give them reliability, The original one created 3 more beings. Azelf- Being of willpower, Mesprit- Being of emotion, and Uxie- Being of Knowledge.
To house these 6 beings, The original one created a star and gave it gravity. And around this star, 10 spheres of matter was made from the star pulling in debris of Giratina's destruction. These spheres of debris would soon pull into each other to the point of being stable enough to walk on. Out of these 10 spheres, The original one picked the two spheres that wasn't too hot or too cold. The smaller of these two soon to be planets, would house The original one's helpers and himself. The larger one would house what life his new creation would make. This new creation would soon be the mother of all the life that will be born years to come. This mother was named Mew. As The original one was making his planet inhabitable, he created 3 more beings to make the larger planet inhabitable. The original one created Kyogre to create the oceans by having it create endless rain storms. To create more living space The original one created Groudon. To make life inhabitable by spreading Kyogre's rain clouds by causing a drought . To keep these two forces intact, The original one created Rayquaza to make an atmosphere and from above monitor the land and seas. To help Groudon and his efforts, the original one created Regigigas out of rocks, ice, and magma who would pull the continents together. And to guard and stabilize these efforts, Regigigas created 3 golems from within himself; Regice, Regirock, & Registeel. To help Kyogre and his efforts, The original one created Lugia to protect Kyogre and keep piece within the seas. To guard and stabilize Kyogre's efforts, Lugia created 3 birds to keep the weather stable; Articuno, Zapdos, & Moltres. To help Rayquaza and his efforts, The original one created Ho-Oh to help keep the piece. While doing this, Ho-Oh saw 3 of Mew's spawn burned in a tower that was Lugia's resting place. This fire was an accident caused by Groudon's presence. Ho-Oh then revived the 3 beasts but doing so they would have to agree to help Ho-Oh's efforts by keeping the weather on the land stable to prevent this from happening again. To rise from these ashes of death were; Suicune, Entei, & Raikou. From this event, The original one created Celebi to guard the forests from destruction and gave it the gift of time travel to reverse damages. Then Lugia fled to a new home in an island in the ocean made of red and white coral. 6 days have past since the creation of the this planet. The Pokemon began to tire from their roles. Due to this the Pokemon began to rest but made their last efforts into creating 3 more beings. Rayquaza, Ho-oh, and his 3 beasts created Shaymin to cleanse the air and bring color to the land. Kyogre, Lugia, and his 3 birds created Manaphy to protect the waters. Groudon, Regigigas, and his golems created Heatran to control the magma flows. Meanwhile; The original one finished creating his planet and grew tired. Before he could rest- one of the most outer formed planets was thrown off balance and was heading towards Mew's planet. Knowing how weak the rest of the Pokemon were and that Dialga and Palkia were missing, The original one used the last of his energy to save the endangered planet. The mighty one rammed right towards this meteor of a planet, destroying fragments of his body and pulverizing the meteor planet into trillions of fragments that would soon destroy all of The original one's efforts to his newly hand made biosphere. The shockwave from this distorted time and space for a brief moment and could be seen through out the galaxy. After the collision The original one went into eternal sleep (a coma) and was retrieved by Palkia. During the night of this 7th day, the Pokemon of the spared world built a giant Grave, a tomb for their sleeping God on the top of Mt. Coronet. But then the mourning and tears from all of the children of The original one had made a new creation from within The original one's body. This creature rose as Jirachi, a soul who was a final gift from the fallen God. The tomb was then sealed to an unknown dimension by Palkia for protection. From the chaos of the meteor impact, Giratina's Distortion World had been accumulating unstable energy. The berserk power of this energy would soon split into two creating Cresselia & Darkrai

As the shards of the destroyed outer planet still remain by the planet what we would now call Mars, fragments of it would eventually hit the Mew planet what we would now call Earth billions of years later. The future collision would wipe out species of Pokemon such as Omanyte, Kabuto, Armaldo, Shieldon and others.
In the end, Lugia went into slumber, Ho-Oh searched the world of pure hearts, Regigigas was locked away by his golems, and the rest is history.